Current Committee

RCSI Islamic Society Committee 2012/2013

President: Adeel Rafi Ahmed (SC1)

Vice President (brother): Arsah Asis (JC3)

Vice President (sister): Afaf Al Maskari (JC3)

Secretary: Shahida Fauzi (JC3)

Vice Secretary: Hidaya Borhanudin (JC3)

Treasurer: Ibrahim Khayyat (JC1)

Tarbiyah Officers: Yasir Ahmad (IC2) (brother), Nurul Ain Saidin (JC3) (Sister)

Prayer Room Officers: Teymur Nasibov (JC1) Baihaqi (brother), Azrina Azhan (JC3) Ain Zulaikha (sister)

Juma’ah Khutbah Officers: AbdulAziz Al Ghamdi (JC3), Teymur Nasibov (JC1), Muhd Adri (JC3)

FOSIS Representatives: -

Beumont Representatives: Shane Murphy (SC1), Siti Khadijah Ahmad (IC2)

Community Week Officers: TBA

Welfare/Sports Officers: TBA

Discover Islam Week Officers: TBA

Fresher’s Week Officers: TBA

Multimedia Officers: TBA

Photographer: TBA

Comments on: "Current Committee" (7)

  1. salam, I remember one middle east sis in premed said she wants to help, get in touch wth her?

  2. feisal islam said:

    Asalaamu alaykum,

    Can we have Idris Tawfiq in Ireland for another Tour? I have heard so much about the last Speaker Tour in 2008.

    Jazakum Allahu Khairan
    feisal Islam

  3. abdulaziz said:

    in Discover Islam Week Officers
    my name is abdulaziz and i am in pre-med not JC2

    IN KUTBA is correct. pre-med

  4. slmz how you?i am from south africa and would like to move to ireland,can you please tell me about more information,

    adnan rizvi

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