What is a halaqa?

Halaqa is an Arabic word means a circle. Halaqa in this context is a circle where people meet and discuss on topics about God, Islam or any current issues. It also can be considered as a regular gathering in remembering Gods and learning new knowledge about religion. There will be one or more presenter on certain topic while the others would sit and listen. Following discussion will continue after the presentation.

For RCSI ISOC’s halaqa, it involved all ISOC members and also opens to all Muslim students in RCSI who are interested to join the circle. Usually there are 7-15 people attending the halaqa which is held on a weekly basis and consuming approximately 1-2 hours. It was held in the prayer room or friendship room or even tutorial room depending on the activities planned for the day.

What is the purpose of having a halaqa?

The idea of having the halaqa lies in the concept of recharging your iman(faith) and spending some time out of 24-hours that one’s has in a day to remember Allah and His deen(way of life/Islam).  The hectic life as a medical/pharmacy students made it crucial for ones to gain back his strength and spirit to perform well in his studies without forgetting the role as a full-time Muslim in this world.

The halaqa also becomes a medium to strengthen the ukhwah(friendship) among the Muslim students in RCSI, particularly the ukhwah among ISOC members as it allows the members to interact and respond to each other in a healthy learning environment. Thus, knowledge sharing is built among them

What do you usually do during halaqa?

We usually started with some Quran recitation, tafseer(exegesis/commentary) and hadith(sayings from the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him) then we’ll proceed to the topic of the day. The format of halaqa is not restricted, so other than the presentation by a speaker,   we can have small games, quizzes or even a debate as a part of the activities. The topics that had been presented for the past few halaqas from last semester includes the seerah(story) of the Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h), Day of Judgement, Names of Allah, da’wa techniques and many more.


Come and join us for the next halaqa! 

You’ll be craving to know MORE!

May Allah makes us steadfast in His path, insyaAllah :)

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