When the victory of Allah has come and the conquest, And you see the people entering into the religion of Allah in multitudes,Then exalt [Him] with praise of your Lord and ask forgiveness of Him. Indeed, He is ever Accepting of repentance.

[Al-Qur'an, The Divine Support 110: 1-3]

The Islamic society of RCSI would like to say Jazakallahaire and a very big thank you to all those that nominated the ISOC for nominations among the top 5 societies and to all the students in the university that voted for the ISOC in becoming the winners of the the best society of the year award 2010.

All praises and credit solely belongs to Allah The Most High.  May Allah The Most Merciful & Most Beneficent forgive us for our mistakes and short comings.

Please remember us in your du’aa (supplications and prayers).


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Comments on: "RCSI ISOC winner of society of the year 2010" (1)

  1. Congratulations! May Allah bless you

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