5th June 2012

Assalamu Alaikum!!

The final event of the academic year: “What have you done with your tongue?!” was one of the first events by Al Maghrib Institute Ireland, and we were quite fortunate to have it held at RCSI. The event was city-wide with an audience from diffferent schools and universities, coming to attend a special talk by Sheikh AbdulBary Yahya on the dangers and sins of the tongue.

The talk is a must-watch if you missed it, so here it is :)

Assalamu Alaikum!

Going through the archives, I have to say mashaAllah ISoc didn’t waste time even as the academic year was coming to an end (I’m even more amazed at the fact that the juniors had just taken up the new positions, and we got a lot of things done mashaAllah).

USMLE Tutorial – 5th Apr 2012










We held a tutorial on the USMLE exam given by one of our graduating members.


Eternal Love Halaqa – 26th Apr 2012










RCSI sisters also had a halaqa with DIT sisters titled “Eternal Love”. HamdulEllah it was a beneficial, beautiful gathering. Notes from the halaqa are availale here: Love Halaqa Notes. InshaAllah we are hoping to have more halaqa collaborations with DIT and TCD :)

23rd March 2012

Assalamu Alaikum,

The first event for the new committee 2012-2013, Sheikh Haitham Al-Haddad was invited to give an intellectual talk on Medical Ethics in Islam. This talk was an importantand much-needed  event for RCSI Muslim students, inshaAllah who will all be involved at least in some way with medical pratice. It dealt with the correct Islamic mindset of being a Muslim doctor and principles of Islamic ethics.

The lecture has been uploaded to youtube here.

AlhamdulEllah a very good turn up of students came to the event (the Nightingale theatre was PACKED subhanAllah!). Question and answer session followed addressing students’ particular queries.

MashaAllah the Sheikh was very inpriring and informative in his talk. One of the most important points to take from his lecture is that we must set our intentions correctly before we start our career journey (before beginning medicine and even before choosing medicine as a subject). Another important advice to take from his talk was the importance of keeping Al Akhirah (the Hereafter) in mind when making decisions, especially critical decisions in hospital, and this is something that can easily be missed by Muslim doctors.

For example, not terminating a pregnancy to give birth to a baby with congenital disease may make people thankful to Allah and more mindful of Al Akhirah. In another example, although the termination of pain through euthanasia is deceivingly appealing, in reality, pain is a method of cleansing one’s sins (not that we should inflict harm or not try to relieve suffering, but that if it is inevitable, we should not take it as an excuse to kill a life that anyways belongs to Allah). The Sheikh had said something along the lines of: the person you euthanase will probably blame you later for taking his life when he was receiving forgiveness while sick. Again this is something that you only realize when you keep Al Akhirah in mind.

May Allah guide us to the Straight Path and continue to expand our knowledge.

Assalamu Alaikum,

Everything must come to an end. Goodbyes and farewells are always difficult to handle, and at RCSI Isoc we like to end our year memorably and when possible without too many tears. Over the course of Isoc history, we’ve developed a number of strategies to help minimize the events of emotional breakdowns, and their implemetation have shown a 99.7% response rate (p < 0.002).

Strategy 1 – End of Year Report

The end of year report is the dread of every ISoc secretary and treasurer. A compilation of summaries for the entire ISoc year, the end of year report serves to stress out secretaries and treasurers, occupying them mentally throughout the retirement process.

Strategy 2 – Food

Although a temporary precaution, the use of food in advertisement does improve students’ mood before the AGM (odds ratio = 8.3). This finding has been replicated in other events.

Strategy 3 – Nominations

There’s nothing like the thought of becoming the next ISoc president to make your hair stand. At AGMs, we have found that creating a tense atmosphere can effectively be used to reduce noise levels and can improve coping with heartbreaking occasions. It was further found that students who were nominated at ISoc AGMs were less likely to experience nervousness during exams.

ISoc Annual General Meeting - 27th February 2012

AlhamdulEllah this was a wonderful end to the ISoc year 2011-2012. Prior to the AGM, Isoc had an Iftar event, where brothers and sisters fasted voluntarily and broke their fast together at college.

After Maghrib prayer, the Annual General Meeting began. Committee members were brought on stage to discuss the year 2011-2012, and the presentation of past events was noth beautiful and nostalgic. All thanks to Allah, we have had a busy year. We pray that our work has been successful in terms of al akhira, and we hope Allah can accept our very small efforts.

(This is a video summarizing our events 2011-2012)

AlhamdulEllah the new committee was nominated, and the list of new members for 2012-2013 has been updated here.

All success comes from Allah. This year, with Allah’s will, RCSI ISOC reached an outstanding achievement of winning 3 out of 5 awards given annually by the college.

1) Best Society Event (Charity Week 2011)

2) Best Society Person (Danah, al-Sharrah)

3) Best Society of the Year

As the year closes, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude and give the most heartfelt goodbyes to some great people who have contributed so much to ISOC in the years they have been here: Omar Bhutta, AbdulMalik Dredar, Muhammad Khidir Kamil, Safwath Nizar, and Huda Mansor. We pray for your continuous success, health, and happiness, and may Allah shower His Mercy and on you and your families. We would also like to welcome the new committee on board and pray for a fruitful new year2012-2013 filled with blessings.

FOSIS Grand Dinner -  1st March 2012

The FOSIS Grand Dinner 2012 was nothing short of extravagant mashaAllah. An event organized for the ISocs by FOSIS, “United Colors of ISocs” brought together brothers and sisters from all over Ireland, highlighting each ISoc and reminding us how we are all united under the deen of Allah. The setting was beautiful and the programme was uniquely ingenius mashaAllah.

At Grand Dinner, RCSI ISoc hamdulEllah won two awards:

1) Best ISOCer Award (awarded to the ISoc president, Khidir Mohd Kamil)

2) The Grand ISOC Award 2011

13th – 23rd February 2012

Assalamu Alaikum,

Continuing with the chronicles of Isoc 2011-2012…

The second term of the academic year brought the much anticipated Discover Islam Week 2012 (DIW 2012), with this year’s theme as : “Explore, Don’t Ignore”. (We even had a fancy teaser trailer and all :D)

A very professional exhibition by Discover Islam Ireland was on display at the RCSI concourse, and Discover Islam Week also managed to make its second appearance at Beaumont ^__^!!

Freebies, activities, and beautiful displays, not to mention a line-up of debate, lecture, and documentary events:

Explore, Don’t Ignore the Movie

This production was done in collaboration with UCD ISoc and is part of an ongoing documentary:

Jesus pbuh – the Historical Perspective

Talk given by Adnan Rashid at RCSI.

28th Oct – 16th Nov 2011

Assalamu alaikum!!

It’s been a while since we last updated our blog! And just in time for Freshers’ Week, we decided to upload a few summaries of some awesome events from Isoc’s 2011-2012.

Our annual Charity Week took place October 2011, where once again Isoc helped raise fnds for orphans and needy children around the world. Our enthusiastic cooks prepared a mouth-watering concourse lunch pack sale – Taste of the World. Mario was back and street collections were running with so many eager participants (whom we’d like to shout out a huge thanks to!). All the old faves were back – Battle of the Brains, Ladies’ Night, and Quran recitation this year, and we have to give the Charity Week team a big hand of applause for all the hard work they put in.

Our final Charity Week event, Eid Dinner, was also a massive success, held in collaboration with UCD at Jimmy Chung’s (yay for open buffets!). Celebrating with our brothers and sisters was truly a wonderful way of spending this year’s Eid ul-Adha.

…and there was truce with UCD Isoc that day… (jk jk)

Part of speakers Tour was held on 12th october 2011  at RCSI-Dublin.

FOSIS invited Shiekh Riaz Ourzazi from Al-Maghribi institute who gave an excellent and motivational talk on how to be a righteous Muslim starting with prayers(salaah) and kindness towards others. The shiekh was very interactive and kept the audience engaged throughout the event, from giving real life scenarios to explain a hadith (sayings and teachings of Prophet Mohommed (PBUH)) to making the audience do tasks such as brothers giving brothers a hug and igniting a spirit of brotherhood which is fundamental in Islam

The event was attended by a large group of students and people from outside the campus.

The team Worked day and night to organise this event and it was very well managed. In the Quran Allah tells us that He helps those who help Him (His cause )( surah- Al hajj) and Alhumdulilah even after such hectic medical education the dedicated team managed to organise it without compromising studies.

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